Finding Door Handles Online

Need a new door handle? It is possible to run out to a discount store and find a brass knob that locks, has a key, and is reasonably durable for around $10. The problem is that the options are terribly limited, and a more complete kit would be much more robust and attractive. Those cheap brass knobs can still rust if exposed to the outdoors, and a full set might include a deadbolt as well as a very sturdy main handle. Look for door handles online at this specialty depot that has a large selection for beauty and style preference. 

What does the customer need in a door handle? There is the obvious issue of security, since doors with simple locks are able to keep out casual intruders who would otherwise have to exert a fair amount of effort to bypass a handle lock and much more to bypass a deadbolt. If a customer is looking for a security device, particularly for an outdoor shed, then consider a handle that comes with a deadbolt or else a sturdy ring and guard to avoid bypass.

If the handle is going to be used outdoors, then a circular knob has its limits. If the weather is wet, then the knob might be difficult to grip. If it is installed in an impromptu arrangement for an outdoor building, then it might have trouble sticking. A lot of door handles have a bar rather than a knob for ease of movement. This is good for a slot that is known to be hard to open or for a person who has trouble easily opening a knob.

Specialty door handles are great for aging residents who might find it increasingly difficult to open or close a door. Lever-style handles fit this bill but so does a knob with a separate handle. It is possible to install an extra handle on top of the knob that can be held with the extra hand to more easily close the door. This is great for old doors but also as an access feature for an aging or disabled person.

An extra handle can prevent a person from falling while they are attempting to open a door. Imagine opening a relatively difficult door and risk falling because of a sudden change in a person's center of gravity and the sudden release of pressure. Even a younger person might fall down if they are not expecting this. Having an extra handle is an excellent safety feature, especially on doors prone to accumulate condensation.

If a door is just very heavy, such as a barn door or a wooden door that is thick for security and insulation, then the extra bar does help. A lot of businesses have heavy doors that take some effort to close, and the extra handle assists opening and closing these doors. They might have metal bars or else be made of plates of metal themselves. Not all rooms merit this level of security, but any storage room might need extra effort for opening and closing doors.